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Aug 7th:  TrendLines Research provides exclusive Marsh Lake freshet charts, analysis of YTG myriad of miscalls of 2007 Peak & historic charts of 2004 & 1981 Flood Crests at theYukonTV's homepage.

Oct 10th:  The polling stations are open.  The turnout is good.  And the weather is awesome for voting day.  See the comparisons between today's results and the TrendLines projections at the FreeVenue ... later tonite.

Oct 4th:  TrendLines is projecting a Yukon Party Minority at this time.

 We are tabulating the 9th & 10th Ridings.  Time is short and juggling polling and canvassing ain't easy.  W~h Center will be posted around 10pm Wedneday;  P/C South at 11pm;  followed by the new Riding Projection & yukon-wide popular opinion by midnite ... all at the FreeVenueAll new Ridings will be posted at the FreeVenue.

This is the profile after polling 8 of 18 Ridings:  The see-saw battle in Lake Laberge continues and Brad Cathers reclaims the lead.  Newcomer Dave Hobbis steals P/C North from Cheeseman.  The phantom Indie in Mak-Tak gives way to Vicki Durrant (YP) in Oct and Taylor reclaims W~h West.  The huge news is the Lorraine Peter loss to Darius Elias in Vuntut Gwitchin.

At left are results after polling 8 of 18 Ridings.  We've modified the graph dramatically.  Whereas Oct/2005 to June/2006 illustrate our rolling poll figures (100-day avg), July/Sept/Oct are now showing only the monthly samplings.  The margin of error is higher (9% vs 5%), but better represents the volatility in play.  It appears that the Yukon Party peaked in late July at 35% while the Liberal Party peaked in mid Sept at 39%.


 Scroll down a few inches for the newest of our 18 Riding graphs;   ... W~h Center next;  try back Wednesday 10pm

Polling in Copperbelt continues

Russ Hobbis &  David Hedman are introduced to "the question"

Polling in Klondike continues

Steve Nordick, Steve Taylor & Glen Everitt are introduced to "the question" while Peter Jenkins is withdrawn.

Polling in Kluane continues

Freddy Hutter & Lillian Grubach-Hambrook are introduced to "the question"

The 3-way see-saw battle continues... Tim Zeigdel has since Withdrawn.

John Edzerza (now as an NDP) & Vicki Durrant (now with YP) are introduced to "the question".  Tight YP win.

Polling in Mayo-Tatchun continues

Jeannie van Bibber and Karen Gage are introduced to "the question"

Polling in Mount Lorne continues

Colleen Wirth and Val Bloxall are introduced to "the question"

Polling in Pelly-Nisutlin continues

Dean Hassard is withdrawn and re-entered in P/C South.  Marian Horne, Hammond Dick & Gwen Wally are introduced to "the question"

Polling in P/C Centre continues

David Laxton & Kate White are introduced to "the question"

Dave Hobbis is introduced to "the question"

Polling in P/C South is complete and being tabulated.  Results at 11pm Wednesday nite at the FreeVenue.

Dean Hassard, Samson Hartland & Don Inverarity are introduced to "the question"

Jim McCullough & Lesley Cabott are introduced to "the question".  The Liberals lead is extended in a tight race with the Speaker.

Remarkable comeback for Glenn Hart.  A YP win assured.

With Liberal weakness, no "split the left" advantage for Rouble.  An NDP win assured.

New - Darius Elias & William Josie are introduced to "the question".  It appears a dramatic changing of the guard is at hand with an assured Liberal win.

Polling in Watson Lake continues

Rick Harder, Rachael Lewis & Dale Worsfold are introduced to "the question"

Polling in W~h Centre is complete;  results at 10pm Wednesday nite at the FreeVenue

Jerry Johnson and Bernie Phillips are introduced and Vicki Durrant has been withdrawn (& re-entered in Mak-Tak) from "the question"

Rhoda Merkel is introduced to "the question".  We bet Mike really wanted a November Election to make more inroads.  However, time has run out.  A tight race and YP win.

If & when completed, this Sept/Oct Update of our rolling poll survey will be based on responses from 325 Decided voters from May28-Oct9.  The survey has about a 9% Undecided factor with a Margin of Error of 5½% for the Yukon-wide Party Popular Opinion and an avg 22% for the individual Ridings.  P/C North includes calls from May.  Lake Laberge incl calls from June.  Riverdale South & Southern Lakes incl calls from July.  There were no calls in August.  All others incl Sept or Oct calls only.

Sept 26:  We're on the campaign trail.  Sorry.  No new numbers.  "stay tuned" ... we may back!  Mak-Tak would be next.  At this time, TrendLines is projecting a Minority YP Gov't as the Indie in the Riding projection of late July for Mak-Tak is academic with the failure of a phantom to come forward.  Ed Schultz remains the favoured winner 'til subsequent calls reveal otherwise.  Similarly, new candidates that came forward (or withdrew) since July 31 contaminate much of that polling and the associated projections.

Sept 23:  Just wrapping up final polling calls and tabulation on Riverdale North.  The Update commenced Sept 5th assumed a November Election.  With my Candidacy Declaration last week, it is extremely difficult to continue the polling after tonite w/o affecting the integrity of the data and sampling standards to which we aspire.  Well, not really standards, our Riding level sampling is avant garde and proprietary.  After almost five Ridings, all we are certain of is that Minority Gov't looks inevitable...

Sept 22:  September polling is being done in the order of those which had full slates first.  We want to call Respondents that have known and digested (all) their candidates the longest.  Hence, the order is:  Southern Lakes, Riverdale South, Lake Laberge, P/C North, Riverdale North (polling complete in these 5 Ridings), Mac-Tak (slate firmed Aug31), W~h West (Sep8), Vuntut Gwitchin (Sep11), W~h Center (Sep11), P/C South (Sep12), Mayo-Tatchun (Sep13), Mt Lorne (Sep14), Copperbelt (Sep17), P/C Center (Sep17), Klondike (Sep17), Kluane (Sep18), Pelly-Nisutlin (Sep18) & Watson Lake (final slate firmed Sep19).

Sept 20th 2006 Announcement:  I started the TrendLines Blog on "Sept 27th 2005."  Since then my life has been pretty well an open book.  While it started as a bunch of us idealists on a quest to purge our Yukon Party of its Leadership, i've since been able to share my interests in climate change, energy resources, economics and politics.  I've had hundreds of emails, phone calls and taps on the shoulder thanking me for my studies and comments and frankly this encourages me to continue this hobby out-of-control.  So popular, that we had to split the venue ... and initiate portal to service the awesome regional interest in my adopted home North of 60.  To celebrate this milestone, we have another.  Today Evalina and i celebrate that some viewer from the 90 Nations that frequent our realm will give the TrendLines/ server  its 100,000th HIT.  Yup.  Neat, eh!!  And we've attained that threshold with 32,777 new visitors.  This includes spinoff site which commenced in May & its 3,000th new visitor will pass at about 10am today!  Again, i'm humbled.  Thanx muchly!!

Sept 9:  Frankly, the Election call at this particular time stuns us.  With my Declaration as an Indep't in Kluane yesterday, it will be difficult to finish the Sept Update ... but we will try to squeeze it in.  As always, watch the yellow highlight band above for our intentions and scheduling.

Sept 5-8:  Polling for our September Yukon Political Update is under way.  There was no August Update due to our relocation.  As we tabulate the results of the September Update, u can see the results above, again in reverse alphabetical.  When there is significant change, we will amend the Leg' MLA Riding Projection as well from the 7-5-5-1 July result.

Aug 17th:  New stat - When we purge the April-June data and view only the sampling data from late July, the Results are:  Yukon Party 35%, Liberals 33%, NDP 23% & Independents 9% with a 9% Margin of Error and 13% Undecided factor.  This compares to 40/29/27/4 respectively in the 2002 Election.  The eventual destination of remaining Independent sentiment will determine the outcome of this Election.

Aug 13th:  As y'all know i am discussions with TrendLiners wrt my becoming a participant in Territorial politics rather than just throwing grenades from the cheap seats.  A dilemma that presents itself is the dedication of time such a decision will require and the ramifications on our Summer/Autumn polling schedule.  We will be releasing the July Update next week and as shown in the TimeLine above, we had intended to start our August Update later this month.  Another survey was contemplated in the days just prior to Election Day.  While we treasure our subscribers and other loyal TrendLiners, it is becoming apparent that more and more hits are coming from the Caucus offices of the Yukon Party, the Liberal Party & the NDP;  yet they carry little of the financial load.

Methinx we will pause and reflect before making final decisions, but consider this blog item as an open invitation to the Caucus reps of the three Parties and/or their Territorial Associations to propose some contribution towards the next couple of Updates.  Time will be precious to Evalina and i over these next few months if i jump into the fray.  While it is unlikely that all three Parties actually want their fates revealed in this open forum, it is felt that this opportunity should be offered to concerned Party faithful and insiders before we pull the plug.

If there is no consensus between the stakeholders, we will be back eventually and resume with Updates of the Federal & Secession polling this Winter.  Again, if u can speak to some degree for your Party, give us a call or an email.  BTW, we will be fair to our long term subscribers.

Aug 5th:  The results below will be publicly released via the FreeVenue on Aug21st.  Until another poll is under way, most comments will be made at the FreeVenue.  There may be some confusion 'cuz the readers there for the most part won't know what y'all know about below!

Things are happening at a faster pace on the Nomination front and we are updating the Election Central page daily to reflect new names.  Also, we will be using the time between now and the August Update to relocate our offices to Haines Junction.

With respect to the me and political aspirations, i have never run for office myself but there is pressure on for me to join in as a participant rather than affect change from my common perch in an advisory Board role or from my soapbox here at TrendLines as a commentator.  I had thought that my relatively short time in the Territory would discount that option but i am certainly being encouraged to do so.  I treasure the many comments we receive from TrendLiners during the year.  If anyone wishes to chat about the pro's & con's of this prospect, please feel free to contact me at 660.5566 or by email.  And much thanx to those that have already voiced their many opinions and strategies.  It is apparent Yukoners want change ... and i would be honoured to assist in shaping its implementation.

Aug 2nd:  As i review the Update results with some pragmatism, it is likely that Ed Schultz will topple the phantom Indep't and defeat either Edzerza or Rachael Lewis (if we can collectively convince him to stay in the race).  I hear countless times how much he is missed as Grand Chief and he will be an asset to Yukon serving in the Leg'.  Subject to any other all-stars surfacing to change the complexion of Riding races, this would present us with an 8-Liberal Leg' Minority with the YP & NDP holding 5 MLA's each.  All price subj to change w/o notice.

July 29-Aug 1st:  All 18 Riding graphs up.

July Update:  Leg' Projection (7-5-5-1) reflects this month's two Lead Changes.  The Liberals regained Copperbelt from the phantom Indep't.  Southern Lakes is lost by the YP to the NDP this month.

Liberal Art Mitchell is again Premier-in-Waiting.

July Update:  Aside the massive desire for an Indep't faction, note the utter collapse of Yukon Party support from 2002.  Down 12%.  Albeit they be in first place in sentiment for the first time since September 2005, a loss of 7 Ridings is indicated (Copperbelt & Klondike gone already).  Similarly, the NDP & Liberals are down 13% & 7% respectively from their January peak yet both within 3% of their 2002 levels of support.

BTW, when we purge the April-June data and view only the sampling data from late July, the Results are:  Yukon Party 35%, Liberals 30%, NDP 26% & Independents 9% with a 9% Margin of Error and 13% Undecided factor.  This compares to 40/29/27/4 respectively in the 2002 Election.  The eventual destination of remaining Independent sentiment will determine the outcome of this Election.

All 18 July Update Riding graphs:

After a brief scare by a phantom Indep't, TrendLines "Premier-in-Waiting" is back in charge.

Eh, what's this ... a 5-way race ????

Jim Bowers is introduced to "the question".  Last month, the YP led with a phantom.  Bowers is now enhancing that lead.  I like Gary.  It is troubling that i must tell him that he has set a TrendLines record for the lowest ever support level (6%) for an Incumbent (formerly held by Peter Jenkins @ 8%).  The good news is that he wins this month's Red Lantern award.

If he drops out, maybe we should accelerate our relocation to Haines Jct so i can run against Jim. eh.  That's a phantom biting his heels. 

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that each time Fentie does those awkward public endorsements of Minister Cathers, Brad tumbles another notch?

Mac-Tak's infatuation with a phantom Dipper has run  its course.  It is likely the same fate will befall the phantom Indie.  For the second month in a row, zero votes for Kenn Roberts.

Aside from statements made in the heat of battle, TrendLines is hopeful that Ed Schultz will continue on this quest.  His presence in the Leg' will raise the bar and he is an ideal role model for First Nations youth and young adults in our Territory.

He's a man of few words, but he like the bunny, he just keeps on ticken'... whether he's orange, blue or red.  I don't understand it, but i respect and applaud it.



One of two of our "Phoenix" Incumbents!  Please don't pronounce that wrong...

Constituents are still searching for the right fit.

Lotsa support for our former Premier

A mere 5% separation awaiting names of the Speaker's opponents...

One of two of our "Phoenix" Incumbents!  Please don't pronounce that wrong...

Ethel Tizya is introduced to "the question".  But she is visibly not a credible candidate for the Liberals.  Liberal support is going over to the NDP.  Barr of Crag Lake again takes the Lead.

Safest NDP Riding in the Territory

Lotsa happy campers here.

Vicki Durrant & Alexia McKinnon are introduced to "the question".  Vicki was the YP flag bearer in 2002 and is presently tied with a phantom Liberal.  With the momentum in play, the NDP Leader is showing vulnerability going into this Election.

Mike Walton is introduced to "the question".  It appears he will be a formidable opponent for the Minister of Tourism.

The July Update of our rolling poll survey is based on responses from 305 Decided voters from April30-July31 2006.  The survey has a 13% Undecided factor with a Margin of Error of 5¼% for the Yukon-wide Party Popular Opinion and an avg 22% for the individual Ridings.  April calls have been purged from Copperbelt & Mayo-Tatchun. * - denotes a Declared but not-yet-Nominated hopeful testing the waters.

July 28th:  Added to "the question" in July's Update are Liberal Nominee Ethel Tizya in Southern Lakes; Jim Bowers as YP Nominee in Kluane;  Alexia McKinnon testing waters for the YP and Vicki Durrant as an Indep't in W~h Centre; and Mike Walton as a Liberal hopeful in W~h West.  We are going into August with only 5 of 18 Incumbents undeclared:  Kenyon, Hassard & Edzerza still undeclared for the YP;  Duncan undeclared for the Liberals;  and Jenkins undeclared as an Indep't.  All the Dippers are assumed declared.  We presently stand with 28 of the full slate of 59.

July 21st:  The May/June Update that we previewed here for the last three weeks has just been Released at the FreeVenue as scheduled.  The calls for the July Yukon Political Update will commence shortly.  There will be a real time preview release here over the next ten days of those stats as they are tabulated.  Those results will be released to the FreeVenue on August 21st.

June 30th:  I'm speechless.  For the first time in our year of polling Yukoners, the TrendLines Update includes Ridings with "Indept's" leading.  2 of 'em and they're both phantoms.  And u won't believe who one of the Incumbents is that is poised for defeat!  Scroll down to Copperbelt.  And we have another first.  Dennis Fentie and the Yukon Party are poised for a second mandate after trailing either the NDP or Liberals in our Leg' MLA Projection since its initiation last Summer: 6-6-4-2 (and conventions says tie goes to the governing Party).  All that talk about imminent Regime Change?  Well, take out the "imminent"!  Drilling down, the rise of an Independent faction has hurt the Liberals and especially the NDP.

22 of the 59 General Election candidates are Assumed Declared or testing the waters.  This growing slate has had a dramatic effect on our 18 Riding Projections and the Leg' Seat Projection:  8 Lead Changes and the Yukon Party tied for the overall lead.  Scrolling below, we see among other revelations, that a phantom Yukon Party candidate is poised to win Kluane.  A phantom Indep't is poised to defeat Liberal Leader Art Mitchell;  Another is leading in Mac-Tak.  Jon Breen has the slightest of leads over Brad Cathers and phantom Liberals are poised to snatch W~h West from Cabinet Minister Elaine Taylor and Riverdale North from Speaker Ted Staffen.  Note that Cabinet Minister Glenn Hart has taken on phoenix qualities, and Archie too.  May also reflects the Liberal recruitment of Eric Fairclough in Mayo-Tatchun.

At left is a representation of present Party Popular Opinion status.  The present spread between the traditional three Parties is 0.4%.

It is noteworthy that thru our year of polling, except for Peter Jenkins, no Opposition Incumbent had ever not been leading.  June calls reveal that the string has been broken:  Arthur Mitchell has lost the Lead in Copperbelt and Gary McRobb in Kluane.  It is evident that Yukoners are engaged in a "pause and reflect" moment.



 Scroll down for our 18 Riding graphs:

Well, it had to happen with the momentum that TrendLines has been monitoring this year.  Copperbelt & Mac-Tak have the distinction of being the first two Ridings poised to be won by Indep't Candidates.  Both are phantoms.  Even i am surprised that it has happened in Copperbelt; albeit my reservations have been well documented since the Federal Election.  Liberal leader Art Mitchell seems to be afraid of peaking too early.
Klondikers want two Indep't choices at the moment.
Only a 5% separation!
We introduce Tim Zeigdel to "the question".
Another Indep't Lead.  But it's not Kenn Roberts.  We asked.  Nobody liked him.  Nobody.  And he lost to a phantom.  That's gotta hurt, eh.  This was the first time he was on "the question".
He flew high in Orange, then Aqua ... now he's Red; and doing it again.  Eric Fairclough:  He da Man.
 Elvis has "entered" the building
Is that Archie peaking over the riff-raff?  Yup.
Ripe for an Indie?
At TrendLines, we have been vocal fans of PatD since our arrival in the Yukon.  Very glad the haemorrhaging has ended!

Nice while it lasted?
Almost a year ago, he was our reigning Red Lantern MLA.  But touché for Glenn Hart: "Phil Treusch, you should be scared".  The departure of Sue Edelman from our Question has meant only bad news for the Liberals in Riv/South thus far.  It's not that Glenn is a shining star;  more like Peter Lesniak & Phil Treusch seem to suck as opponents in the eyes of their constituents at this juncture.
A Liberal may be announcing candidacy in the next few days.  Could be a repeat 4-way race shaping up.  This is my Riding.  Should i run myself as Indep't ?
No need for an Election in this Riding.  Let's just acclaim Lorraine, eh!
The discontent evident within the Party is non-existent in Premier Fentie's own Riding
The discontent evident within the Party is non-existent in Todd Hardy's own Riding
First a phantom Dipper, now a likewise unknown Liberal challenges Taylor

This May/June Update of our rolling poll survey is based on responses from 319 Decided voters from March20-June29.  The survey has about a 13% Undecided factor with a Margin of Error of 5% for the Yukon-wide Party Popular Opinion and an avg 25% for the individual Ridings.  March calls have been purged from Copperbelt.  Mayo-Tatchun includes June calls only.

June 26th:  One Riding complete tonite.  Being Mayo-Tatchun, it had to be a full survey because averaging the rolling poll does not compute with a change in Parties.  With Eric Fairclough's move to the Liberal caucus from Indep't, we had to toss the March and April calls.   And he did well.  His new popular opinion graph is above.

June 23rd:  This Update's 3rd & 4th Riding Lead Changes become apparent with tonite's results of Riverdale North & Porter Creek Centre below.  A phantom Liberal has overtaken Ted Staffen and what's this?  Yup, Archie Lang is back to fight another day!

June 17th:  As u may be aware by now, the Yukon Independents Party is being launched next week.  This could be an important juncture for politics in the Yukon.  It is clear from our April Update that Yukoners have an appetite for change.  53% of those called in April wanted to vote for an Independent Candidate.  It was running 36% in May before we suspended the survey.  We are unsure how many citizens will put their name forward on Monday.  And how many will come out of the woodwork in the following days.  We have decided that we want any Indept's that arise in our remaining Ridings (10) for we consider that poll results w/o those names will be quickly dismissed.  There is no question that results illustrating momentum in the Independent thrust will assist that cause.  Nobody here will be surprised at my support and indeed promotion of that eventuality unfolding.  In any event, our May/June Update including all 18 electoral districts will be completed by month end;  followed quickly by a July Update to catch candidate announcements missed in the 8 May polls (e.g. Ethel Tizya for Liberals in Southern Lakes & Vicki Durrant, an Indep't in W~h Centre).

June 3rd:  Again our sincere thanx to Matt from Minto (Palmerston) Ontario for his map graphic of our April Political Update.  Mayo-Tatchun has since turned Liberal Red (from Indep't) and W~h West should by YP blue:

May 13th:  If u scroll down to May6th, we have added a graph illustrating the breakdown of the "No" vote for those not preferring an Indep't candidate at this time.

May 12th:  Donna Larsen of DataPath released a political poll today that is almost identical to our "standard" version w/o the Indep't prompt.  It was conducted Apr15-May2 and carries a 30% Undecided factor and MoE of 5.5%.  In this comparison, TrendLines has the YP 2% higher & the Indept's 2% lower.   Donna really dislikes it when i graph her results, but as they say, it's always easier to ask forgiveness than permission, eh.

May 11th:  Yesterday's Opinion graph assumed that a strong Independent candidate runs in most Ridings.  Drilling down, here is the alternative representation should that scenario fail to occur.  Adjusting for the May 1st Fairclough move, the Riding Projection would have the NDP & Liberals tied at 7 MLA's with the YP static at 4 seats.  Lake Laberge & Southern Lakes are the pivot Ridings.  The NDP gain two while the YP lose them.  For clarity, the NDP would lead with 33% and the Liberals & YP would be tied at 31.2% ... a difference of 1.8%.  At this juncture it is the NDP that are the most vulnerable should there be a slate of Independents running.  Our latest rolling poll survey is based on responses from 323 Decided voters including calls from Jan14-April30.  The survey had 11% Undecided with a Margin of Error of 5%.

May 10th:  Final tabulations continue.  And a very tight race in Southern Lakes has put Patrick Rouble back in the lead (see corrected graph for that Riding).  And with all 18 Electoral Districts now completed, we had a YP/Lib tie that has been broken with the recent development of Eric Fairclough joining the Liberals.  The Liberals have the overall lead and yes, holy sh*t, that means Art Mitchell is TrendLines new "Premier-in-Waiting"!  Mea culpa.

Below is our latest graph of Popular Opinion of the Parties Yukon wide.  It reflects the latest poll question revelation that 53% of Yukoners would prefer to vote Independent this Autumn.  If u want to run as an Independent this year, contact us at TrendLines.  It's time to get this sentiment formalized to assist that fledgling group.  The corrected March figures are YP 31.3%, NDP 32.5, Liberals 32.1 ... only a 1.2% difference.  That has widened slightly to 2.3% in April: YP 26.5%, NDP 28.8% & Liberals with 27.2%.  It seems the relationship between winnable ridings and popular support figures seen in 2002 are invalidated.  Concentrations of support have changed substantially and continuing former extrapolations is folly. 

May 7/8/9/10th:  Ok, we continue to add the 18 Riding Polls (reverse alphabetical)...

May 6th:  Ready for a Blockbuster?  We wanted to gauge support for a growing sentiment to vote "Independent" this time around.  I've always discounted and even discouraged "other" responses in our polling 'cuz i felt that these were mainly "protest votes".  But at TrendLines we have been wide-eyed recently at the comments we've been getting to the "which Party would u vote for" question.  "i wish there was a good Indep't Candidate" is a phrase we get quite often.  Folks seem to sense a disconnect from the Party electoral system ... that it is not responsive to their needs, at this time.  So we asked 109 Yukoners whether they would prefer to vote for an Indie or someone from the Traditional Parties.  All we can say is "wow"!!

The implications of this are immense.  It is clear that voters are ticked off with the avoidance techniques employed by some of our MLA's.  But having had a crack (no pun intended on the YP) at each Party over the last few years, Yukoners don't seem to see "Changing Parties" as a means to attain better gov't.  Nobody seems to be demanding electoral reform, say to the proportional representation.  No, instead they seem to desire "better" MLA's.  As i have stated here before, i don't believe we have the critical mass for enuf good MLA's under the Party system.  A partial cure to that would be to raise salaries to entice strong candidates from the civil service and the private sector.  But at 5% Unemployment Rate, that is not completely practical.  We have good people, they are just spread too thin between three Parties.  We need the pooling of good human resources that works well in the Municipal & Regional jurisdictions where all work together for the common good instead of striving to embarrass each other in the media.  Consider the prospects of presenting a slate of a dozen strong men and women running under an Independent banner this Autumn.  The results could be overwhelming and this poll says the time is right.  Contact us if u are of like mind and wish to be included in future discussions.

 And here is the Party breakdown of the "No" votes.

This Poll Question was based on responses from 109 Decided voters called April29-30.  The survey has 0% Undecided (another wow!) with a Margin of Error of 9%.








May 5th:  I'm bach'ing it for three days while Evalina is over at the Lions Trade Show at the Heritage-RESP & Mary Kay Cosmetics kiosks.  Please zip over and order some cosmetics 'cuz she will never get rich with those $1 subscriptions here.   For men, she has nice stuff or gift certificates for your wife and girlfriend (but get separate receipts!).  If u'r broke, that's ok, she luvs to chat about the WWWeb and politics too.  If u have a small business, she'll do barter to help u with a website design and/or hosting.  My "getting a round tuit" list has become quite long, but i'll have the new servers fine tuned by Monday...

May 1st - Welcome to our new venue.  Evalina and i are flattered by Yukoners response to our studies and sincerely appreciate the genuine and from-the-heart comments that y'all share with us by email, calls and upon meeting political junkies in our travels around the Yukon Region.

Blog & graph archive at TrendLines website (Sept/2005 to April/2006)

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