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Yukon Region Weather & Almanac

 yukon satellite


Warm day & nite W~h normals will peak on July 20th at 20C & 8C ~~~ Cold day & nite normals peak on Jan 11th at -15C & -24C

Hottest Day of the Year in W~h is usually 29C on Aug 5th ~~~ Coldest day of the Year is usually -48C on Jan 27th

Summer Solstice in W~h:  sunrise 3:52 ~ sunset 11:49

Winter Solstice in W~h:  sunrise 10:10 ~ sunset 3:49

Hottest Day in W~h in 2006:  29C ... in history:  33-C ~~~ Coldest Day in 2006: -35C ... in history: -51C

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