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(September 2006) To our subscribers & surfers:  As you may be aware, Freddy announced this week that he is running as an Independent MLA in the Yukon Election (Kluane Riding).  It's our turn to help and other than the daily political polls and Blog, we won't have time to keep our site venues active and update content in the rest of the portal until after Thanksgiving.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

thank you for your patience,

Evalina Z.

2006/10/11 Update:  Thank you to all visitors (over 3,200 Yukoners) to TrendLines' Election Central during the Territorial Campaign.  The other pages (below) of the FreeVenue will be gradually brought back on stream ... please check back often.

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Back after the Election


Back after the Election

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Back after the Election


Back after the Election

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Back after the Election


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